MICE Basics by Travel 2 Meet

How do you find the right hotel or the suitable venue for your meeting, conference or event?

When searching on the internet, our customers are often overwhelmed by the huge number of hotels, their features and offers. There is an endless variety of search engines and providers that offer hotels. But which agency or online provider can be trusted and how do you find the hotel or the venue that suits best to the event or the conference that you are planning? In order to find the right venue for your event, you should ask yourself the classic W-Questions in advance:

Who: Who are your participants? Colleagues, customers, employees? Who do you invite and how many participants will have the event? For example, are you inviting management level with special requirements or new teams?

What: What do you want to organize? A conference, a seminar, an incentive, a congress, a trade fair, an event, a meeting? What are you looking for? A conference or meeting hotel, a congress centre, an event location, a trade fair hotel?

Why: What would you like to achieve with this event? What is the goal?

When: When will your event take place? How long should it last? Is it a day event or should there be one or more nights (and, for example, an evening programme)?

Where: Do you want to do your event abroad or in your home country, in a large or small town, or rather in a rural area? Or how about a very special location?

Why: Why do you organize this event? When looking for the right hotel or venue, it makes a big difference, for example, whether you organize a conference or an event. A conference is business-oriented and the focus is on the conveyance of business content, whereby an event is more oriented to leisure and the soft skills such as teambuilding are in the foreground.

How: When choosing hotels, you need to consider how many hotel rooms and how many meeting rooms are needed. The size and number of participants and the equipment of the room play an important role here. In addition, the planning includes the catering that is to be offered (conference packages, drinks, breakfast, half-and full board, welcome drink, etc.). And of course, we should not forget the budget and the cost that will be budgeted and considered.

The planning and organisation of an event includes many details that we would like to discuss with you in advance and brainstorm about different possibilities. Contact us and we will discuss what is most useful for you and your event and then find the perfect hotel or the perfect venue for YOU!